Singapore Taskforce Visits PCOC

Visit from Singapore Palliative Care Guidelines Implementation Task Force

PCOC coordinated a study tour for 10 members of the Singapore Palliative Care Guidelines Implementation Task Force in March 2015. This group has been working on the development and implementation of the new national guidelines on end-of-life–care and palliative care for the Ministry of Health in Singapore. These guidelines arose from recommendations contained within the National Strategy for Palliative Care 2012 Singapore.

The program included:  

  • Monday 16 March - meeting with PCOC team in Wollongong to understand how PCOC has been implemented across Australia, the challenges faced and the outcomes achieved so far
  • Tuesday 17 March - visits to two PCOC services that use PCOC clinically and understand the challenges
  • Wednesday 18 March - meeting with Palliative Care Australia team members in Canberra

On 16 March, Jane Connolly (Quality Improvement Facilitator), Sam Allingham (Data manager/statistician) and Karen Quinsey (PCOC Director) facilitated an informal and interactive day, with Professor Kathy Eagar joining the group for second half of the day. On 17 March, two site visits had been arranged. PCOC would like to thank Dr Richard Chye and the team at Sacred Heart Hospice, St Vincent’s Health, and Dr Andrew Broadbent and the team at Greenwich Hospital, for their generosity in hosting on-site visits for the Singaporean team.

The group expressed overwhelmingly positive feedback on completion of their short Australian visit.

Singapore Taskforce - PCOC

Last reviewed: 5 September, 2018


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