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Fundamentals Workshop

The PCOC Fundamentals Workshop is an interactive program designed to enhance knowledge of PCOC, the assessment tools and the use of PCOC in your palliative care service.

Target Audience:

  • Clinicians who are new users of the PCOC assessment tools
  • Clinicians implementing PCOC into routine clinical practice

Learn About:

  • Assessing the Phase of Illness
  • Assessment tools for symptom and functional assessment
  • Assessment data, what it tells us and how to use it
  • Barriers & strategies for integrating PCOC assessments into practice
  • Content of Patient Outcome Reports
  • Outcome Measures and Benchmarks

This free education activity attracts 5 hours of Continuing Professional Development, as per the College of Nursing. 

Advanced Workshop

The PCOC Advanced Workshop is an interactive face-to-face program designed to utilise PCOC reports to identify and undertake quality improvement activities.

Audience and Requirements:

  • Clinicians and managers who are familiar with PCOC reports and the assessment tools. It is recommended that attendance is in pairs or groups. Participants are required to bring their most recent report, dashboard and supplementary reports.

Group work will be undertaken to identify and plan a quality improvement activity:

  • Undertake a self-assessment of enabling factors to identify gaps.
  • Understand the application of the ‘Toolkit for Services’ to embed and enhance PCOC.
  • Identify and target an area for improvement using PCOC reports, Dashboard, Supplementary Reports and Symptom Bar Charts.
  • Review the suite of PCOC audit tools and undertake an audit to identify improvements.
  • Utilise a Quality Improvement template to plan a chosen quality improvement activity. PCOC Quality Improvement tools to improve patient outcomes
  • Develop a feedback plan for your service.

 Quotes from PCOC Workshop participants

"Every time I return from a workshop I always have a new sense of enthusiasm for using PCOC more efficiently."

"[PCOC] aims to ensure clinical evidence-based practice, strives for continual improvement in service delivery, and provides guidance for clinicians."

"The training provided an excellent overview of PCOC and tools and practical application."

"Thanks so much - this has really enhanced my understanding and will really help me to implement and embed with our team practice."

"Gave me insight to how PCOC can be used to enhance my effectiveness in the workplace."

"Thank you I had no idea this morning, now I feel confident to use these tools."

"Thoroughly enjoyed this course, it was well presented and engaging. Very glad I attended as it has clarified the tool and its uses for me during my nursing day."



Last reviewed: 9 March, 2018

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