Using the Tools
  • Assessment Forms - forms required to implement PCOC, including clinical assessment forms and episode forms.
  • PCOC Assessments - more information on each of the PCOC Assessment tools.
  • Assessment Protocol - guidance for clinicians using the clinical assessment tools and supports the development of service-based assessment frameworks.
  • Clinical Manual - guide for educators, clinical support staff, managers, clinicians and IT and administration staff regarding:
    • assessment tool definitions
    • data item definitions
    • completion of PCOC assessment forms
    • information on the benchmarks and outcome measures. 
  • Audit Tools for Clinical Assessments - this package supports palliative care services to effectively use the PCOC audit tools to improve compliance of clinical assessment and identify areas for improvement.
  • Phase Definitions 
  • Phase Algorithm
  • History of Phases


Last reviewed: 25 June, 2018