epiCentre (Electronic Patient Information Centre) is a new data entry software customised for use by PCOC services - it replaces SNAPshot. Click here for more information. 

SNAPshot is software designed primarily to collect “SNAP” (Sub-Acute and Non-Acute Patient) information. It has been used since 1996, and came out of a study conducted by the Centre for Health Service Development. It was not specifically designed to collect PCOC information, with PCOC specific items being added over the years.

PCOC has developed a SNAPshot 3.90 User Manual to guide services using SNAPshot 3.90(g) to enter the PCOC Version 3 dataset.

SNAPshot Training - Entering PCOC Data into SNAPshot (Video) [33MB]

This video will introduce you to the process involved in entering the PCOC Version 3 dataset into SNAPshot 3.90(g). The video supplements the SNAPshot 3.90 User Manual which provides comprehensive information for using SNAPshot.

Need help submitting your SNAPshot data extract to PCOC? 

PCOC has implemented a secure web-based submission portal called ‘Secured Online Submission’ (SOS). This system has been customised for PCOC to ensure that data can be submitted in a simple yet secure way. The system is hosted at the University of Wollongong Data Centre (located in a secure facility) and operates using a secure, encrypted protocol (HTTPS).

Data is submitted to PCOC  every six months for either January to June or July to December periods.

More information about submitting data to PCOC is available here.

This cheat sheet outlines the process for creating, finding and submitting PCOC extracts for users of SNAPshot.

Need help determining a patients preferred language in SNAPshot?

In the PCOC screen, SNAPshot requires you to determine the language reported by a person as the most preferred for communication. To help you determine the correct code and description please refer to the Australian Standard Classification of Languages (ASCL), ABS 2011 and download the .xls file.

Need help setting up a ward or team for your service in SNAPshot?

If your service has more than one team (for example - a dedicated inpatient team and a separate consult team) you may be required to record which team was responsible for providing care in the episode screen. For more information please go to p.30 of the SNAPshot 3.90 User Manual.

Have you ever had trouble searching for patients in SNAPshot?

This cheat sheet gives more detailed instructions on searching for patients in SNAPshot.

Last reviewed: 8 May, 2018