Data Submission

Collecting data for PCOC

There are several options for collecting the PCOC data set. Services can collect data using SNAPshot, which enables easy collection of all required data items. Alternatively, facilities can use their current data collection system and extract the required data items from it according to the Version 3 PCOC data set.


All data items in the PCOC data set can be found in SNAPshot. The current version of SNAPshot is version 3.90(g). It has a PCOC screen specifically designed for the PCOC data set.

More information about SNAPshot and PCOC is available here.

For assistance with using SNAPshot, or for general enquiries about SNAPshot, please contact your PCOC Quality Improvement Facilitator.

Other databases

Other databases can be used to collect PCOC data. Facilities choosing not to use SNAPshot should submit their data in a fixed ascii format, according to the PCOC Version 3 data set. Please contact your PCOC Quality Improvement Facilitator if you wish to discuss any aspect of the PCOC data set or how to extract data from the database you are using.

Submitting your data

PCOC has implemented a secure web-based submission portal called ‘Secured Online Submission’ (SOS).This system has been customised for PCOC to ensure that data can be submitted in a simple yet secure way. You will no longer submit data via email. 

The timeframes for each 6 month data submission are as follows: 

  • 30 June or 31 December - last day of PCOC reporting period
  • 1 July or 1 January - PCOC central database opens and begins accepting extracts for the reporting period. First data submissions are due either 22 January or 22 July
  • Quality reports are produced and sent to services so that identified data errors can be reviewed, corrected and resubmitted before being included in the national database
  • PCOC central database closes at the discretion of the PCOC Director
  • Service reports are produced and disseminated


Need help submitting your SNAPshot data extract to PCOC? 

This cheat sheet outlines the process for creating, finding and submitting PCOC extracts for users of SNAPshot.

Last reviewed: 25 May, 2018