Clinical Assessment & Response

Central to the PCOC program is a framework and protocol for routine clinical assessment and response. By embedding the framework into routine clinical practice, clinicians have access to consistent information to plan and deliver care.
Whilst the program initially developed in the specialist palliative care sector, it has now expanded its scope into all setting of care where patients receive palliative and end of life care.

The PCOC Assessment and Response framework:

  • Is applicable in any setting of care

  • Creates a clinical language via validated assessment tools

  • Supports consistency in responding to identified needs by recommending actions for each assessment tool

Supporting documents

Assessment forms

These assessment forms can ensure that:

  • Assessments are routinely completed as a suite at each assessment occasion.
  • Assessment scores are documented or recorded at point of care.

These forms are for use with the PCOC Version 3 dataset. The PCOC Assessment Form is used in all palliative care settings. Please choose the PCOC Episode form that matches your service type.

Orientation resources


Last reviewed: 10 October, 2018