Benchmarking Workshops

Benchmarking Workshops

2018 Workshops - TBC

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 Quotes from PCOC Benchmarking workshop participants:

"This was invaluable networking and an opportunity to discuss with other PCOC service providers how they do things and their challenges. It reinforced what we did well and gaps for other services were our strengths. We had shared experiences and will take their management strategies with us for family and care outcome improvements."

"I have more detailed knowledge of how benchmarking workshops run – I can advocate better for their use and be more concrete about how data is used for improvement."

"I think that those who make the effort to get there always come away refreshed and energised again. It makes PCOC relevant in our day to day work."

"Very engaging and enjoyable day. Extremely interesting to hear how other services are achieving their goals. Many thanks for the opportunity to attend."

"Thank you for a very informative workshop with very good networking opportunity. These workshops enhance the validity and the exceptional benefit of being a site that reports and the benefits of the data in promoting ongoing reform to our service provision. This drives ongoing improvements enabling better patient outcomes."

"It was definitely worth attending the workshop for the networking opportunities with other community services. The information delivered was easy to follow and understand. Questions and sharing of information was encouraged and there are certainly a few things we will be putting into place as a service to continue to improve patient outcomes."

Last reviewed: 3 January, 2018