Submissions and Requests

Submissions and requests

AHSRI welcomes public submissions for modification or extension of the ePPOC data items and the epiCentre software.

ePPOC data items

Items for Version 1 of the ePPOC dataset were developed following considerable consultation with the pain management sector, including representatives from the Faculty of Pain Medicine, Australian Pain Society and the Agency for Clinical Innovation Database and Outcomes Working Group. The items for Version 1 were endorsed by the ePPOC National Reference Group (NRG) in June 2013.

Public submissions for modifications to the ePPOC data items for Version 2 were considered by the ePPOC Scientific and Clinical Advisory Committee (SCAC) and the proposed revisions presented to the Management Advisory Group (MAG) for endorsement. Submissions will be considered and scored against the following criteria:

  • Relevance at a national and/or international level
  • Ease of capture by all pain services
  • Acceptable in terms of burden for/and importance to patients (for self-report items)
  • Clinical significance/relevance.

Proposals for modifications to Version 2 dataset now closed and the release of Version 2 is currently scheduled for release on 1 January 2018. It should be noted that no changes will be implemented prior to the release of Version 2, currently scheduled for 1 January 2018.

Public submissions regarding ePPOC data items can be made by completing this form and submissions received will be discussed and considered for inclusion in the Version 3 dataset for release at a later date.


Public submissions regarding epiCentre can be made by completing this form and will be considered by AHSRI staff. More complex proposals for changes which alter ePPOC protocols or data items will be referred to the ePPOC SCAC and MAG, as above.

General queries about the use of epiCentre and identification of “bugs” should be sent to for immediate assistance.

Last reviewed: 12 October, 2017


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