Adult clinical change calculator

The adult clinical change calculator was developed for use in pain management services to determine whether significant clinical change has been made at the patient level.


Weekly opioid dose calculator

At a joint meeting of the ePPOC Management Advisory Group and the Scientific and Clinical Advisory Committee members agreed that the oral Morphine Equivalent Daily Dose (oMEDD) should be averaged over the week to better reflect a patient's opioid use.  To assist services with this ePPOC have developed a new oMEDD conversion tool.  This document should be downloaded to your computer for use.   



ePPOC has developed two new resources to assist staff in entering medication information in the 'office use only' section of epiCentre, the ePPOC Drug Group Tool and the Self-guided learning package.   


ePPOC Drug Group Tool

This tool is designed to assist staff identify what drugs fall into which category. This document can be downloaded to your computer for use. 


Self-guided learning package

This package accompanies the ePPOC Drug Group Tool and the new Average oMEDD conversion tool and can also be used by staff when completing the medication information in epiCentre. 


Last reviewed: 31 July, 2018


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