Electronic Persistent Pain Outcomes Collaboration

ePPOC (electronic Persistent Pain Outcomes Collaboration) is a new program which aims to help improve services and outcomes for individuals experiencing chronic pain through benchmarking of care and treatment. ePPOC is an initiative of the Faculty of Pain Medicine, and has been further developed in recent years by the Faculty, the Australian Pain Society and the wider pain sector. 

ePPOC involves the collection of a standard set of data items and assessment tools by specialist pain services throughout Australia and New Zealand to measure outcomes for their patients as a result of treatment. This information will be used to develop a national benchmarking system for the pain sector, which will lead to better outcomes and best practice interventions for patients in chronic pain. The information will also enable development of a coordinated approach to research into the management of pain in Australasia.

The first phase of ePPOC began in 2013, with eight adult pain services in NSW trialling the measures, process and software for collection of the information. ePPOC is now being progressively rolled out to adult and paediatric specialist pain services throughout Australia and New Zealand.



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