ePPOC Governance

The activities of ePPOC in its first year were overseen by a National Reference Group (NRG). The NRG comprised representatives from state, territory and Commonwealth government departments and key stakeholders within the pain management sectors, including the Faculty of Pain Medicine, consumer groups, the Australian Pain Society and Painaustralia.

After a successful first year under the guidance of the NRG, ePPOC welcomed in a new phase of governance in late 2014 with the establishment of two new committees the Management Advisory Group (MAG) and the Scientific and Clinical Advisory Committee (SCAC).

In 2017, it was agreed by MAG members that the ePPOC MAG and SCAC, having been in operation for over three years, was due for review of membership and focus of the committees. Therefore, on 12 April 2018, the MAG and SCAC met to consider a new governance structure for ePPOC. Members agreed this would be achieved through amalgamation of the SCAC and the MAG to form a new committee called the ePPOC Clinical and Management Advisory Committee (CMAC). It was also agreed that membership of the new committee be sourced from former SCAC and MAG members with a review of committee membership to be undertaken in 2019.


The ePPOC Clinical and Management Advisory Committee (CMAC)

Last reviewed: 21 January, 2019


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