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Adult pain service questionnaires:

Paediatric pain service questionnaires:

Please contact ePPOC for the suite of paediatric carer and child ePPOC questionnaires.

Translated pain service questionnaires:

The ePPOC questionnaires are currently not available in different languages.

Other organisations have translated individual assessment tools that may be of use to services when providing clinical care. The quality of these tools cannot be guaranteed by ePPOC. Services who wish to use the translated tools are strongly encouraged to engage their local translation and interpreter services.



These documents are designed for use by clinicians, managers, administrators and data entry staff, and provide a guide to the collection and use of the information provided to ePPOC.


The epiCentre User Manual provides a guide for users of epiCentre, the purpose built software for ePPOC.

The ePPOC Data Policy outlines how ePPOC information will be collected, transmitted, stored and used.

The data dictionaries provide a detailed description of the code sets, type, length and usage of the data items collected in epiCentre. 


Last reviewed: 21 January, 2019


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