SNAPshot is software designed primarily to collect “SNAP” (Sub-Acute and Non-Acute Patient) information. It has been used since 1996, and came out of a study conducted by the Centre for Health Service Development. SNAPshot has been modified for a range of applications including collecting the ACAT (ACAP), DVA, Version 3 AROC and HACC Minimum Data Sets.

SNAPshot and PCOC

PCOC has developed a SNAPshot 3.90 User Manual to guide services using SNAPshot 3.90(g) to collect and enter the PCOC Version 3 dataset.

Need help submitting your SNAPshot data extract to PCOC?  This cheat sheet outlines the process for creating, finding and submitting PCOC extracts for users of SNAPshot.

SNAPshot User Manual

The following user manual describes the main features of SNAPshot 3.8

SNAPshot Version 3.8: User Manual (large file warning - 3mb) NB: a copy of this manual is also available on the SNAPshot Version 3.8 Distribution CD.

SNAPshot and AROC

Since the introduction of the AROC V4 dataset in July 2012, AROC no longer supports SNAPshot as a data collection tool for the AROC dataset.

An online data entry system has replaced SNAPshot. Facilities participating in AROC who require a means of directly entering data should contact AROC to obtain access to the online data entry system.

Last reviewed: 18 January, 2017

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