Victorian Palliative Care MDS

The Development of a Minimum Dataset for Victorian Hospital Based Palliative Care Consultancy Teams

Victorian Department of Human Services

CHSD was commissioned to undertake a project for the Victorian Department of Human Services to develop a minimum dataset (MDS) for hospital based palliative care consultation teams. The project developed and trialled a State-wide MDS that measured the activities and outcomes of palliative care consultancy teams in Victoria. The project aimed to produce an MDS that could be used to monitor quality and clinical outcomes, team activity and client satisfaction, as well as support the ongoing role of the consultation teams.

During March and April, meetings were held with each of the 12 services which outlined the project and helped CHSD develop an understanding of the various models that operate across teams. A workshop, attended by all teams, was held on 19 May to consolidate the findings of the consultation process and agree on the composition of a dataset to pilot in July. During June, the pilot dataset and associated forms were finalised and training sessions were held for all teams. During July, all teams participated in the MDS pilot data collection. About 60 clinicians across 13 hospitals captured clinical and service utilisation data about patients treated during this time. The data collected was then analysed and informed a MDS that was routinely collected by all teams from 1 July 2010. The project was successfully completed in December 2009.

Final Report

Gordon R, Martin P, Balasingam D, Fildes D and Tarn M (2009) The Development of a Minimum Dataset for Victorian Hospital Based Palliative Care Consultancy Teams: Final Report. Centre for Health Service Development, University of Wollongong.


Project team: Robert Gordon, Peter Martin, Darssan Balasingam, David Fildes and Michael Tarn

Last reviewed: 13 August, 2018

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