Veterans' Home Care

Review of the Veterans' Home Care Program

Veterans' Home Care (VHC), a program of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA), was established in 2001 with the aim of helping veterans and war widows / widowers with low care needs to remain in their own homes for longer.  In this program, DVA contracts with service provider organisations around Australia to deliver domestic assistance, personal care, safety-related home and garden maintenance and / or respite care.

In 2007, CHSD conducted an independent review of the VHC program to assess the capability of the program to continue to meet the needs of veterans in terms of quality of life, independence and health, given the ageing of the target group and the growing complexity of their needs. 

The review involved all aspects of the Centre’s expertise, with a complex data analysis component, an international literature review, extensive surveys (by mailout to a sample of 1500 veterans and on-line to assessors and providers) and national consultations in the field.  The final report presented a range of feasible options for how the program could be modified to be more useful for the veteran population as it changes over time and more integrated with the other services they use.

Final report

The final VHC report can be accessed from the links below:


Project team: Kathy Eagar, Janette Green, Alan Owen, Tineke Robinson, Peter Siminski, Catherine Rostron, Tara Stevermuer, Pam Grootemaat, Nick Marosszeky 

Last reviewed: 7 August, 2018

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