Validation & Field Trials of the National Assessment Framework for Aged Care

Validation & Field Trials of the National Assessment Framework for Aged Care

The project built on the earlier 'Development of a National Assessment Framework for Aged Care' project and focused on the adaptation of the recommended tool for use in the Commonwealth Government’s Aged Care Gateway which is intended to be the primary access point to aged care services as part of the Living Longer Living Better reform package. The tool was to be field trialled and used to inform the development of the Gateway and provide the Business Requirements and Specifications for the development of the Information Technology required for the assessment tool to be used in the Gateway. This also included development of competencies for assessors using the tool.

We worked with an application developer to build a version of the tool that could be delivered via a web-browser. We negotiated with relevant state government Agencies about their participation in the trial. Four states, SA, NSW, Tasmania and Victoria, agreed to participate and eventually seven assessment services in these states were involved. We liaised with these sites, developed training materials and trained 60 assessors in the use of the tool. The sites assessed approximately 1,600 people between mid-May and June 2013. The data collected about the applicants and the assessment process were analysed to better understand the range of clients and ways that the assessment process could be streamlined. We also asked assessors to provide feedback on each assessment carried out and conducted feedback sessions with them after the trial ended. Consumers were also asked to provide feedback on the assessment process after each assessment and were asked if they wished to provide feedback via a written survey.

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Sansoni J, Samsa P, Duncan C, Westera A, Grootemaat P, Shadbolt B and Eagar K (2013) Final Project Report on the Validation and Field Trials of the Assessment Framework and Tool for Aged Care Project Plan. Centre for Health Service Development, Australian Health Services Research Institute, University of Wollongong.

Last reviewed: 16 January, 2017

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