Demonstration of an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation’s contribution to the local community

Ngaimpe Aboriginal Corporation (The Glen): Demonstration of an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation’s contribution to the local community

Australian Research Council Special Initiative for an Aboriginal Researcher’s Network (National Indigenous Research and Knowledges Network Internal Grant)
Duration: January – December 2017


The aim of this research was to explore how Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations (ACCHOs) interact with organisations in their local community context to address health and social inequalities. The literature demonstrates that non-profit community organisations can play a vital role in bringing people together, mobilising collective action and developing the social capital that enables communities to function well. ACCHOs can play an important role in facilitating the social engagement of marginalised and vulnerable sectors of the community, thus contributing to greater social inclusion which underlies social health and wellbeing, but they do not do this in isolation. This project focused on understanding how ACCHOs use networks and partnerships to achieve their aims.

What we did

We conducted a pilot study of Ngaimpe Aboriginal Corporation (The Glen), an Aboriginal drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, located on the Central Coast of NSW. Using an exploratory mixed methods approach, over a four month period from April to August 2017, we conducted a survey to describe the organisation’s networks and to measure the strength of their partnerships. The quantitative component consisted of survey responses designed and delivered via the online tool, Survey Monkey. A list of 26 potential survey respondents was identified and participants were asked to identify their organisation and answer a recurring set of three questions about the currency, length and type of relationship between their service and the Glen and their service with the other services from the list. A social network analysis was conducted based on the 17 survey responses. From the total number of stakeholders who completed the survey, eight identified a willingness to participate in a follow up phone interview. A one hour, focus group comprising seven individuals was also conducted on site at The Glen. The qualitative data was thematically coded and analysed using NVivo software.

The findings from the study are currently being written up and will be disseminated to the Ngaimpe Aboriginal Corporation during 2018. The results will also be submitted for publication in a peer review journal.

Last reviewed: 22 May, 2018

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