Southern Suburbs Integrated Case Management

Southern Suburbs Integrated Case Management:

Year One Report

The goal of the SS ICM project is to provide integrated case management across NSW Government and non-government human service agencies, with Local and Australian Government involvement to contribute to the well-being of families with multiple and/or complex needs who have exhausted other avenues of support. The project is small in scale (limited to 10 families within a small geographic area), is strategic in its aims, and managed within the NSW Government’s Regional Coordination Program.  Its first year focussed on refining the selection criteria and testing the abilities of the local service system, through the interagency model, to respond in a flexible and coherent way to the needs of the families. It represents an opportunity to make a wider and practical investment in changes to the efficiency of service delivery systems in the near future, via the SS ICM Steering Group and the NSW Government’s Justice and Human Services managers group.

The SS ICM Year One Report is available to download: 

Owen A and Samsa P (2011) Southern Suburbs Integrated Case Management Year One Report. Centre for Health Service Development, University of Wollongong.

Last reviewed: 16 January, 2017

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