SAS Audit

Audit of NSW SNAP SAS code

NSW Health
Duration: June 2017 – June 2018


As part of NSW Health’s implementation of automated processing in various health information systems for their Activity Based Management (ABM) portal, a number of issues with the ‘business-as-usual’ code were identified through internal review processes, leading to a new development called the ‘Rewrite’ code.

CHSD, being the authors of AN-SNAP and the grouping software used by ABM, were approached to carry out an audit of the business rules documentation and SAS code which comprises the ‘Rewrite’ code. The goal of the audit was to verify for ABM that the SAS code correctly implements current business rules. A secondary goal of the audit was to verify that the business rules document would be a useful resource for any staff involved in the management of the SAS code or SNAP more generally.

What we did

This review involved two CHSD staff reviewing the business rules document collaboratively. One staff member conducted a detailed parallel review of the SAS code and source of truth document. The review of the business rules document was undertaken to verify that information in the document was internally consistent, consistent with the provided SAS code, compliant with the rules of the AN-SNAP classification, and to verify to ABM that the business rules as described would result in correct data being delivered to and output from the AN-SNAP grouper. The review of the SAS code was undertaken to verify that the SAS code correctly implemented the business rules as described in the business rules document and to identify any issues in the SAS code.

An interim report was produced in September 2017 containing the findings of the review and recommendations regarding changes to the structure and nature of the documentation and code. Following NSW Health’s consideration of the findings and implementation of changes where appropriate, CHSD will undertake a final review, anticipated to occur in the first half of 2018.


Project team: Conrad Kobel and Dave Webster

Last reviewed: 3 August, 2018

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