Rapid access to assessment for lung cancer

Development and implementation of a model for rapid access to assessment for lung cancer patients in NSW

Cancer Institute NSW

May – December 2015


CHSD was engaged by the Cancer Institute NSW to identify a model of care that would facilitate rapid access to assessment for NSW patients suspected of having lung cancer. The model of care needed to be adaptable, sustainable and suitable for implementation in Local Health Districts across NSW recognising the differing service delivery contexts in rural, regional and metropolitan Local Health Districts. It also needed to rely on existing resources and the redesign of existing services as no additional funding was to be provided to facilitate the introduction of this service.

What we did

Cancer Institute NSW

An evidence appraisal was undertaken to demonstrate that the proposed service model for rapid access to assessment for lung cancer was grounded in best practice and to support the case for change. This appraisal identified best practice examples of models and a number of key elements that were likely to contribute to the success of a rapid access model. In addition to the evidence appraisal, analysis of existing population health data was undertaken to demonstrate the scale and impact of lung cancer on the NSW population and health system. Interviews were also completed with 21 key stakeholders to secure expert opinion to inform the design of the service model, implementation and funding strategy. This was supplemented by discussions with experts in Activity Based Funding about various cost components of the rapid assessment model, and how they are currently funded, as well as discussions with representatives of the Cancer Institute NSW about the applicability of options for rapid assessment models given the NSW cancer service delivery context.

Last reviewed: 19 April, 2016

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