Patient reported outcomes measures: stakeholder interviews

Patient reported outcomes measures: stakeholder interviews

Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care
Duration: May 2017 – mid-2018


Patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) are tools used to understand health outcomes from the perspective of consumers. They are increasingly seen as an important source of information to guide quality and safety improvement in health care, in conjunction with the more traditional clinician-reported outcomes, measures of health care processes, and measures of output, such as the volume of procedures performed by a provider.

Since May 2016, the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (the Commission) has engaged CHSD in a program of research to examine how PROMs are being used in Australia and internationally, with a particular focus on the potential purpose and benefits of national-level collation or collection. This work has included an environmental scan of current activity and a review of the academic and practice literature, both of which have been published online.

This project was the third component of this program of research: a series of interviews with representatives from all Australian jurisdictions and with Australian and international experts. Together, these three pieces of work provide a foundation for the specification of options for the extent and nature of the Commission’s future national leadership role in the area of PROMs.

What we did

Data were collected via 27 semi-structured interviews with Australian and international experts and Australian jurisdictional representatives, who were asked about current activity in PROMs, lessons to be learned from existing initiatives, and desired future directions.

In the final report, these perspectives were integrated with the information available from the previous literature review and environment scan. Findings covered a range of topics, including the policy drivers for PROMs, the ways in which PROMs may be used in the Australian health care context, the importance of good infrastructure design and change management strategies for successful implementation, and the need to build the evidence base for the effectiveness of PROMs. The discussion was organised around six principles for the design and implementation of PROMs which had been derived from the previous stages of the project and endorsed by the Commission’s Board. Based on this evidence, a number of options for the Commission’s future role in relation to PROMs were identified and six recommendations were included for consideration.

The final part of this project, which is planned for 2018, will involve working with key Commission staff to develop an options paper synthesising the evidence and presenting potential future directions for the Commission’s role in PROMs in Australia.


Project team: Dr Kate Williams, Cristina Thompson

Last reviewed: 14 August, 2018

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