NSW AIDS RDF 2008 Review

NSW AIDS-Resource Distribution Formula (RDF) – 2008 Review

The Centre undertook a review of the AIDS Resource Distribution Formula (RDF) in New South Wales for the AIDS/Infectious Disease Branch (AIDB) of NSW Health that was completed in early 2009. The outcome of the project was an appropriate model for NSW Health to determine the equitable allocation of funds to Area Health Services for the delivery of local HIV, sexually transmissible infections, Hepatitis C services and the Needle and Syringe Program.

The need for these services varies across NSW. To ensure geographic equity in the allocation of funds across the Areas, NSW Health has been using an AIDS Resource Distribution Formula. This is a statistical model that allocates funding on the basis of population need.

In 2004, the AIDS-RDF was reviewed for the first time in almost ten years. That review recommended substantial changes to the Area allocations for local service delivery and these were subsequently introduced over a four-year period. In order to maintain geographic equity in the allocation of funds, the AIDS-RDF model needed to be reviewed  again. In particular, the project involved investigating whether the current model appropriately allocates funds to local services, including clinical and non-clinical service delivery, and whether it adequately accounts for cross-Area Health Service patient flows.


Project leader: Rob Gordon

Last reviewed: 7 August, 2018

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