Reconciliation of mental health reporting

Reconciliation of mental health reporting

Activity Based Funding Taskforce within the NSW Ministry of Health
Duration: November 2015 – March 2016


All NSW local health districts are required to meet the reporting requirements of the District and Network Return (DNR) and the Mental Health Establishments National Minimum Data Set (MHE NMDS). Both of these state-wide reporting systems have been in place for more than 10 years within NSW and are part of the NSW contribution to mandatory national data collections. Due to the overlapping reporting requirements of the DNR and MHE NMDS it was considered that the requirements of one system (the MHE NMDS) could be derived from the other (DNR). This would improve consistency in the reporting of the MHE NMDS and reduce the duplication of effort in double reporting. The NCCC was engaged to develop a reconciliation methodology between the two reporting systems.

What we did

The reconciliation approach involved several activities including a review of DNR and MHE NMDS documentation, stakeholder consultation, and data analysis. The documents reviewed included NSW Health Cost Accounting Guidelines, NSW Health MHE NMDS Guidelines, and other MHE NMDS supporting documentation – provided by the InforMH unit within NSW Health.

The reconciliation methodology was developed based on analysis of DNR and MHE NMDS reporting data from two local health districts for two financial years.

Stakeholder consultations involved staff responsible for the preparation of the current reports within the two participating local health districts.

The reconciliation methodology developed is a stepwise algorithm ready for inclusion in the appropriate NSW Health reporting system. This algorithm could be applied to DNR output to assist in the preparation of reporting data consistent with the MHE NMDS requirement.

It was possible to translate the output of costs from the NSW Health District and Network Return (DNR) to meet the requirements of the Mental Health Establishments National Minimum Data Set (MHE NMDS) and reconcile the two reporting systems.

Last reviewed: 22 March, 2017

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