Evaluation of the Cancer Australia National Lung Cancer Program

Evaluation Framework for the Cancer Australia National Lung Cancer Program

This project was completed in October 2011 and involved the development of the evaluation framework for Cancer Australia’s National Lung Cancer Program (NLCP). The NLCP is a new program of Cancer Australia that was funded for an initial four year period from 2009–2013, with a total budget allocation $6.83 million.

The NLCP has three core objectives to guide the projects that are funded:

  • Increase research to build the evidence around lung cancer
  • Increase support and guidance for health professionals
  • Improve data and reporting for lung cancer


Designing the methodology for the program evaluation had two key purposes; to assess progress against the program objectives, and to determine if the program is operating appropriately, effectively and efficiently.

The approach drew on the CHSD experience across previous evaluation-based projects and our own internal research and development work in understanding the complexities of the issues in choosing the right evaluation methods and frameworks. It emphasised that there are both summative and formative evaluation tasks. Summative evaluation ascertains whether and to what extent the program was implemented as intended and the desired/anticipated results achieved. Formative evaluation more commonly occurs throughout the life of the program as it uses the results of the evaluation to inform the ongoing development and improvement of the program. The report on the project covered a recommended framework tailored to the program’s participants and their activities. It emphasised the pre-conditions for establishing a sound evaluation as a basis for meeting the Departmental requirements of a ‘lapsing program’ evaluation, including clarifying the program logic and establishing reliable data sources.

Final report

Download the final report:

Thompson C, Samsa P and Eagar K (2011) Cancer Australia National Lung Cancer Program: Evaluation Framework. Centre for Health Service Development, University of Wollongong

Last reviewed: 22 March, 2016

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