Evaluation of the LikeMind Pilot

NSW Ministry of Health
Duration: February 2016 – December 2018


LikeMind is an initiative of the Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Branch of the NSW Ministry of Health. The initiative’s service model can be characterised as a service-hub approach to the integrated provision of care and support for adults aged between 25 and 65 who experience mental illness.

The focus of the LikeMind service model is to provide proof of concept for an NGO-led and managed model of integrated care for people with moderate to severe mental illness which is readily accessible in a community setting. It is assumed that co-locating mental health service providers in four community accessible premises with shared service protocols will lead to improved outcomes for consumers.

What we did

A mixed-methods longitudinal methodology has been developed to address a set of evaluation questions. Data from multiple sources are currently being collected to underpin the evaluation analysis. The evaluation team is working closely with the four LikeMind pilot sites to ensure that clinical and service utilisation data are available to inform both formative and summative evaluation findings.

In terms of understanding stakeholder perceptions of the initiative, we have conducted an initial round of stakeholder interviews and focus groups at three of the four sites. Work in this area will continue in 2018 with more of a focus on the two regional sites.


Project team: Rob Gordon, Dave Fildes, Kate Williams and Conrad Kobel

Last reviewed: 3 August, 2018

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