Illawarra Coordinated Care Trial

Care Net Illawarra (Illawarra Coordinated Care Trial): Local Evaluation

Funder: Commonwealth Department of Health and Family Services
Duration: 1997 - 2000

The Trial aimed to assess whether actively coordinating the care of frail elderly clients improves their overall health status, while costing a similar amount.

During 1997-8 the Centre worked on the estimates of the funding pool, advised the Trial on establishing funding rules and assisted with the training of care coordinators and client assessment matters. In late 1997 the Centre was successful in submitting a tender for the role of local evaluator for the Illawarra Coordinated Care Trial. The funding source for the local evaluation was the (then) Commonwealth Department of Health and Family Services, through Care Net Illawarra.

In 2000, the CHSD completed the evaluation of the Illawarra Coordinated Care Trial, Care Net.

At the local level, the lessons from the evaluation of coordinated were used in 2001 to assist in the planning for a possible second round of the Trials. Planning was carried out in the Illawarra, and assistance was provided to an Aboriginal trial on the Mid-North Coast. Coordinated care lessons were also used in the Commonwealth’s Sharing Health Care initiative, as well in planning for the evaluation of NSW HACC-sponsored, comprehensive assessment pilot projects.


Associated reports, publications, papers

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Last reviewed: 3 August, 2018

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