Griffith Area Palliative Care Service (GAPS) Project

The Centre for Health Service Development was commissioned to evaluate the Griffith Area Palliative Care Service (GAPS) project. Three reports were produced: the first report described the evaluation framework and a baseline assessment of the project at the end of its planning phase; the second report covered the changes implemented in the delivery of palliative care services over the first nine months; and the final report described the achievements of the project after 18 months.

The first three reports are available to download:


After the project was evaluated it generated useful tools for palliative care research (see CHSD Palliative Care Research).

These tools were used in the National Palliative Care Strategy which translated the results into a set of projects implementing elements of the models of care in the Caring Communities Program and and related work was undertaken in palliative care in the Care Planning Sub-Program

The Rural Palliative Care Program (RPCP) was funded by the Department of Health and Ageing (2003-2006) to trial eight projects implementing the Rural Palliative Care model (based on the Griffith GAPS model) through general practice networks. In 2008-2010 the Rural Palliative Care Program was expanded to more communities in a range of rural and remote settings. 

The GAPS experience was also reviewed in its local context four years after the project ended:


Project team: Kathy Eagar, Alan Owen, David Perkins, Kate Senior, David Cromwell, Rob Gordon, Malcolm Masso, Dave Fildes, Karen Quinsey, Sheila Matete


Last reviewed: 8 August, 2018

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