Disability Evidence Check

Evidence check: Collection of data to identify people with a disability accessing health services

NSW Ministry of Health
Duration: November 2017 – March 2018


NSW Health is committed to reducing discriminatory barriers for people with a disability. This may be facilitated by the development of a state-wide health system process for identifying people with a disability. However, as yet NSW Health does not have a state-wide process for identifying people with a disability in its health data systems.

This evidence check ascertained whether other health jurisdictions in Australia and international health agencies/systems consistently identify people with a disability in their health system/service data collections. Evidence for the benefits/advantages of such data collections and implementation issues concerning the incorporation of such disability data items in NSW health datasets was examined.

What we did

The research methodology for the evidence check was finalised in late 2017. The literature search was undertaken in early 2018 using an approach consistent with the conduct of a systematic rapid review, detecting literature about the identification of people with disability. It included both peer reviewed Australian and international academic literature as well as practice literature such as government reports and web-based information. The review identified and analysed both the research literature and practice literature with a primary focus on hospital inpatient, outpatient and specialised services. The strength of the evidence in the literature was reviewed and classified using a CHSD standard classification schema. The final report was submitted in March 2018.


Project team: Jan Sansoni, Pam Grootemaat, Anita Westera, Dave Fildes and Darcy Morris

Last reviewed: 1 August, 2018

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