Review of demand for cochlear implantations in NSW

Review of demand for cochlear implantations in NSW to 2021

NSW Ministry of Health

Duration: January 2012 – April 2012


Cochlear implantation is a rapidly growing field of medicine delivering substantial benefits to individuals and the economy. This has been reflected in a substantial growth in public funding for cochlear implantation in this new millennium.

This review was CHSD’s third exploring the supply and demand for cochlear implants in NSW. The report was commissioned by NSW Health to assist them in developing a measured response to the increasing demand for cochlear implantation in adults and children.

What we did

The review looked into various aspects of the supply and demand for cochlear implants: the impact on patient selection and demand arising from current evidence supporting cochlear implantation; the costs of paediatric and adult implantation; and current access, supply and capacity for growth.

As part of this process we consulted with key stakeholders and referred to the literature in relation to the evidence of the effectiveness of cochlear implants. We also undertook a costing of cochlear services provided in NSW and developed demand projections for cochlear services until 2021.

Most of the recommendations set out in our three reports have been adopted by NSW Health allowing public patients to share in the benefits available for those patients treated in the private sector.

Last reviewed: 23 March, 2016

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