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The Care Planning Sub-Program was one of four sub-programs of the Local Palliative Care Grants Program (LPCGP), which was funded by the Australian Government and was announced in the 2005 federal Budget.

There were 33 Care Planning projects throughout Australia, with funding of between $100,000 (GST exc) and $250,000 (GST exc), up to three years, and ending by March 2009.

Overall, the Care Planning Sub-Program aimed to support health professionals to improve patient care through:

  • Developing and implementing flexible models of service delivery
  • Improving collaboration between services
  • Supporting smooth and appropriate transitions between settings of care


The program had six specific objectives, and many of the projects addressed several of these objectives:

  1. Develop resources or tools for care planning
  2. Involve carers and families in care planning
  3. Trial models of care (e.g. case conferencing)
  4. Address the needs of particular population groups
  5. Support the translation of research into practice
  6. Promote high-quality evaluation of current initiatives


The national evaluation of the Care Planning Sub-Program was conducted by the Centre for Health Service Development, University of Wollongong.

View the Care Planning Workshop Presentations.


Project team: Karen Quinsey, Anita Westera, Pam Grootemaat, Kathryn Williams, Darcy Morris, Dave Fildes

Last reviewed: 13 August, 2018

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