Cancer Funding Reform

Cancer funding reform

ACT Health

The Centre was commissioned by ACT Health, on behalf of the Health Reform Agenda Working Group, to review issues related to the funding of cancer services in Australia. The first report, completed in December 2005, contains the results of a literature review conducted to identify the degree to which funding arrangements can contribute to good practice in cancer care and also contains commentary on the funding arrangements in each jurisdiction and issues and priorities for enhancing cancer control based on interviews with state and territory representatives.

The project continued into 2006 with analysis of Medical Benefits Schedule data and hospital data on cancer treatment services over the previous five years to identify trends in service usage by funding source and highlight any impacts that changes to funding policy have had on the provision or distribution of cancer services. The results from this data analysis and the findings of the literature review were then used to identify options and opportunities for changes to current funding arrangements that would support best practice cancer care.

Final reports:

Masso M, Gibbs A, Cranny C, Williams K, Fildes D, Grootemaat P, Samsa P, Matete S and Eagar K (2006) Cancer Funding Reform Report 1: Literature and Practice Review. Centre for Health Service Development, University of Wollongong.

Eagar K, Green J, Cranny C, Pearse J, Shorten B, Lago L, Stevermuer T and Siminski P (2006) Cancer Funding Reform Report 2: Trends in Cancer Services and Funding 1999-2004. Centre for Health Service Development, University of Wollongong.

Last reviewed: 18 April, 2016

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