C-CHANGE: delivering high quality and cost-effective care across the range of complexity for those with advanced conditions in the last year of life

National Institute of Health Research
Duration: July 2013 – May 2018


AHSRI is collaborating in C-CHANGE, a project led by Professor Fliss Murtagh from King’s College London. Working with leading palliative care researchers and clinicians from two English universities and two NHS Trusts, this research aims to develop and test an English casemix classification.

The classification seeks to accurately capture the complex needs of patients with advanced disease, to better understand and quantify those needs, and to fairly allocate resources to meet them. The project is identifying ways to measure actual improvements in symptoms and quality of life, so that the quality and effectiveness of services is demonstrable to patients, families, commissioners and providers of care.

What we did

This programme of research continued in 2016, working towards ensuring that patients across a range of advanced conditions and settings receive the appropriate resources according to their individual needs.

Last reviewed: 1 June, 2017

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