Asthma Management Program

Evaluation of the Asthma Management Program

In late 2009, the CHSD was selected to evaluate the Asthma Management Program (AMP) as well as to provide support and assistance to each of the funded initiatives within the Program. The use of evaluation frameworks helped to standardise and at least to ‘harmonise’ the data collected by the projects so they were more capable of learning by comparisons and building their own outcome measurement systems.

The overall purpose of the AMP evaluation was to assess progress in addressing the effectiveness, appropriateness and efficiency requirements of the Program, with the initial stage being formative with the emphasis on the implementation and progress of projects.

This is where CHSD made good use of a long track record in rural palliative care, care planning, rehabilitation, hospital avoidance programs and other aspects of chronic disease management. The use of data collection tools tailored to the projects’ aims helped them to plan their work programs around priority population groups.

The evaluation design phase in 2010 set up regular opportunities for the projects and the program managers to reflect on progress to date and identify potential improvements to projects, and to the Program as a whole, though a series of national workshops, an Evaluation Advisory Committee and regular contact with the Department of Health and Ageing. The final report of the evaluation was submitted in 2013.

Last reviewed: 22 March, 2016

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