Ambulance Service of NSW - Mental Health Frequent Callers

Ambulance Service of New South Wales – Mental Health Frequent Callers 

In mid 2011, the Centre for Health Service Development undertook a targeted literature review project ‘Responding to Mental Health Frequent Callers’, for the Ambulance Service of New South Wales (ASNSW or the Service). The Service was seeking to enhance its response to mental health frequent callers and the purpose of this project was to identify and compare a number of current models of care in settings similar to that of the ASNSW and, where available, information was included as to the costs and benefits of evidence based practice.

The project assessed the strength of evidence of interventions that were identified within the scope of the targeted literature review and was conducted in the style of a rapid literature review within a short timeframe and clear limits. 

Final report

Download the final report:

Thompson C, Grootemaat P, Morris D, Owen A and Eagar K (2011) Ambulance Service of NSW: Responding to Mental Health Frequent Callers Final Report. Centre for Health Service Development, Australian Health Services Research Institute, University of Wollongong.


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Last reviewed: 25 January, 2017

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