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Activity Based Funding - Education and Information Series

On 3 March 2010, Prime Minister Rudd released a proposal for reform of the Australian health system called "A National Health and Hospitals Network for Australia's Future". A key feature of this reform proposal was the national introduction of Activity Based Funding (ABF).

The CHSD produced a series of short papers on ABF. This education and information series was designed to explain some of the key issues surrounding the Rudd hospital reform plan in more detail. 

Our goal in writing these papers was to make a balanced and reasoned contribution to the complex debate about how Australia's health care system should be reformed. We aim to provide factual and clear information for all the various national interest groups that are contributing to the debate. The federal and state issues that are at stake are too important to be decided by only the loudest voices.

We acknowledge the funding support we received from the NSW Health Department for this educational series. However, the views expressed in this series are those of the CHSD authors, not those of the NSW Health Department.

The following papers (from 2010-11) can be downloaded below:

ABF Information Series No. 1: What is activity-based funding?

ABF Information Series No. 2: The special case of smaller and regional hospitals

ABF Information Series No. 3: Lessons from the USA

ABF Information Series No. 4: The cost of public hospitals - which State or Territory is the most efficient?

ABF Information Series No. 5: Counting acute inpatient care

ABF Information Series No. 6: Subacute care

ABF Information Series No. 7: Research and training

ABF Information Series No. 8: Mental health

CHSD Response to Pricing Framework Document

NCCC Response to Pricing Framework Document

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