Seminar Series - Past

Past CHSD Seminar Series

Below is a number of presentations that have been given as part of the CHSD Seminar Series.


Presenter TopicDate
Donna Truran Introduction to Snomed CT5 May
Chris Poulos Where is rehabilitation headed in the USA in 2010 and the 20-teens: insights from a recent visit19 May
Janette Green Funding for HIV/AIDS and Related Services: and it’s not ABF16 June
Alan Owen Measuring outcomes in community care21 July
Ruth Cornish Facilitating clinical practice change: Art and science18 August
Peter Samsa and Dave Fildes CareSearch: Evaluating an Online Resource for Palliative Care22 September
Vicky Traynor Dementia Care24 November


Presenter Topic
Alan Owen Lessons from Canada on evaluation, research impact and population health
Malcolm Masso An evaluation of the Clinical Services Redesign Program
Kathy Eagar An 'Introduction to Casemix' - outlining the underlying principles of casemix classification and funding systems
Peter Eklund and Amanda Ryan Interoperability in Healthcare: Technical, Semantic and Process Interoperability through Ontology Mapping and Distributed Enterprise Integration Techniques
Kerry Innes An overview of the objectives and current activities of the recently established 'Australian Centre for Clinical Terminology and Information' (ACCTI)
Rob Gordon Results of a study looking at the cost of blood and marrow transplantation services in NSW
Cristina Thompson Cancer Australia: An organisational analysis
Nick Marosszeky and Jan Sansoni An update on the continence research project
Jim Pearse NSW Dialysis Costing Studies
Last reviewed: 29 August, 2018

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