AN-SNAP Version 3

The Australian National Subacute and Non-Acute Patient (AN-SNAP) classification Version 3

AN-SNAP Version 3 is available for downloading below. 


AHSRI has also developed grouping software called ‘QuickSnap’ which is capable of performing both batch and interactive grouping for AN-SNAP Versions 3 and 4.
To see the online documentation and download this software, follow the link below and click on the button ‘Download QuickSnap’


The intellectual property associated with the AN-SNAP classification is owned by the University of Wollongong. However, the University has placed AN-SNAP in the public domain and is happy for others to use it without modification or development. AN-SNAP cannot be modified or developed without the consent of the University.


Last reviewed: 20 July, 2015

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