What is IHIP

What is IHIP?

Components of IHIP

IHIP Data Platform

IHIP stands for the Illawarra Health Information Platform. It is a sophisticated data platform designed to provide data to researchers, which is structured as follows:

  • A non-identifiable health databank with data sourced from the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District and potentially other sources
  • A health records linkage system
  • Research project datasets for release to clinicians and other researchers, following relevant approvals


IHIP’s research databank was ethically approved on the basis that it is non-identifiable. This means that individual identifiers are not held in the IHIP research databank, which protects the privacy of individuals.

A health records linkage system is an information system which can be used to link data about individuals from difference sources (using identifiable information such as name, address and date of birth). The IHIP data linkage protocol has been ethically approved. When linking health data, IHIP receives and handles identifiable information and health data separately, and this ensures that privacy is always maintained.

After a data request is approved, the CHRISP team will create a research project dataset. This is an extract from IHIP of the data items and records requested – either in unit record or aggregate form.


Other features of IHIP

The collaboration portal is a website where you can log in and securely download your research project dataset.

The IHIP Online Forms is a tool which can be used to create new data entry forms and surveys. It can be used when your research requires you to collect data from participants, or you have research data collected on paper and want to enter it into an easy-to-use system.


What is the technology behind IHIP?

IHIP is implemented and managed by CSC under contract to ISLHD. We use IBM InfoSphere Information Server to manage IHIP data and to implement the health records linkage system. IHIP databases are implemented using Microsoft SQL Server. These are industry standard, enterprise level software packages.

The Collaboration Portal is implemented using Liferay and we use Orbeon Forms for the IHIP Online Forms. 

Last reviewed: 26 July, 2018