Judy Mullan, Associate Professor, Director Centre for Health Research Illawarra Shoalhaven Population(CHRISP) (email)

Judy MullanAssociate Professor Judy Mullan is the Director of the Centre for Health Research Illawarra Shoalhaven Population (CHRISP) and the Deputy Director of the Illawarra & Southern Practice Research Network (ISPRN) She is an experienced academic, researcher and clinician with over 35 years’ experience as a registered pharmacist. Prior to her current appointment, Judy was the Academic Leader: Research and Critical Analysis for the UOW Graduate Medicine program, which has received two national learning and teaching awards (2015 & 2016).

Since joining the UOW, in collaboration with her national/international colleagues she has been successful in securing over $2.75 million of research funding, has published three book chapters, contributed to over 50 peer reviewed journal articles and delivered over 75 national/international conference presentations. Her research areas of interest include: health literacy, the quality use of medicines for people with chronic conditions, patient medication education and counselling; and medical education. 

Dr Victoria Westley-Wise, Clinical Epidemiologist (email) Victoria Westley-Wise

Victoria Westley-Wise is a Clinical Epidemiologist working for CHRISP.  

As a member of the CHRISP team she works closely with Illawarra clinicians, statisticians and other researchers to design and implement research using IHIP data and infrastructure.

Victoria has 30 years’ experience in the health system, including 25 years in public/ population health, service planning and evaluation, and epidemiology roles. She has undertaken epidemiological evaluations and research in a range of areas, using both descriptive and analytic study designs. 

Brendan McAlister, Data Integration Coordinator (email) Brendan McAlister

Brendan has worked in the Information Technology field for the past 22 years. After completing his Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology degree at the University of Wollongong in 1996, Brendan worked for various multinational corporations before moving into health in 2003.

Over the past 12 years Brendan has been with the Illawarra Shoalhaven Health District, where his most recent role has been that of Senior Enterprise Report Developer with the Information Management Unit. The Information Management Unit specialises in Business Intelligence, extracting and transforming health data into meaningful reports and dashboards.

Brendan's role for CHRISP is the Data Integration Coordinator.

Dr Pippa Burns, Research Fellow (email) Pippa Burns

Pippa is currently a Lecturer within the Research and Critical Analysis Team (RCA), in the discipline of Graduate Medicine at the School of Medicine. She has been working in health for over twenty years, across sectors, in universities, health services and non-profit organisations. This has provided her with extensive experience in the planning and management of research projects, including experience researching and evaluating programs conducted in real-world settings, such as schools, hospitals, aged-care facilities and the community. This has enabled Pippa to develop a broad range of research skills and a strong network of research partners. Pippa is currently involved in research across three main areas: health literacy; medication misadventure; and delirium and dementia.




Dr Luise Lago, Senior Statistician (email) Luise Lago

Dr Luise Lago is a Senior Research Fellow working for CHRISP. She is currently researching Frequent Attenders to Emergency Departments and supporting research projects in the areas of Secondary Prevention of Atherosclerosis, Identification of Dementia, Suicide Prevention, Rehabilitation, Allied Health and adverse drug events.

Luise has more than 15 years research experience in government and academia, including the areas of classifications development, hospital funding, longitudinal data analysis, biostatistics and epidemiology. Her PhD was on the use of mixed models for imputation of missing data in household surveys.

Dave Webster, Senior Research Fellow (email)David Webster

Dave Webster is the IT Manager at AHSRI.

He works closely with the AHSRI IT team, statisticians and other researchers to manage and develop a range of applications which support the research undertaken by AHSRI and CHRISP.

Dave has had a long relationship with University of Wollongong, having studied a Bachelor of Computer Science here, and more recently completing a Graduate Certificate in Health Services Research.

Kelly Lambert, Research Fellow (email)

Kelly Lambert

Kelly is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian and has worked in the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District (ISLHD) for 20 years. For the past 12 years, Kelly has worked as the Renal Clinical Lead Dietitian for ISLHD.

Kelly is currently completing her PhD investigating the impact of cognitive impairment and low health literacy on dietary self-management in patients with end stage kidney disease. Kelly has extensive experience as a clinician and in leading and coordinating clinical research. Her current research interests include: health literacy, patient education, renal disease, cognitive impairment, the gut microbiome, and health economics.

Kelly is currently working with the CHRISP team as a Research Assistant.

Anastasia Korlimbinis, Professional staff / Research support (email)

Anastasia Korlimbinis

Anastasia joined the CHRISP team in early 2019, and her current role includes professional duties, web design and information management, communication consultation planning and research assistant duties.

Bianca Suesse, Research Fellow (email)

Bianca joined AHSRI in 2019 as a Research Fellow for CHRISP. She supports research and evaluation projects in mental health and maternal and child health care. Bianca has obtained a Masters and PhD in Nutritional Science in Germany and New Zealand. She has also completed a health economics related Master of Health Services – Research at the University of Wollongong. Her research interests and experience are in health services research and gastrointestinal and neurodegenerative disease as well as nutritional genomics research.

Stephen Moules, Research Assistant (email)

Stephen joined the CHRISP team in 2018 as a Research Assistant.

Yulan Shen, Research Assistant (email)

Yulan joined the CHRISP team in 2018 as a Research Assistant.


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Last reviewed: 13 March, 2019