How CHRISP can help

How CHRISP can help


The purpose of the Illawarra Health Information Platform (IHIP) is to provide linked health data for use in research. This includes but is not limited to routine ISLHD data. IHIP can be used to link data from other sources and the IHIP Online Forms can assist you with collecting your own research data.


CHRISP’s team includes a full time statistician Dr Luise Lago and a full time clinical epidemiologist Dr Victoria Westley-Wise. Our Integration and Development Coordinator Brendan McAlister is responsible for management of IHIP data, including linking of new data sources. Our director Associate Professor Judy Mullan has a strong research history and experience in managing and guiding research projects.

Our team can help you with all aspects of your research:

  • development of your research proposal
  • advice on data availability and quality
  • clinical and statistical expertise on all issues relating to analysis and interpretation of data
  • writing reports or journal articles.


You are not obligated to make use of any of these services.

Research conducted using IHIP data or services of the CHRISP team is subject to the CHRISP Authorship Guidelines.

Last reviewed: 26 July, 2018