Governance Structure

Governance structure

There are two key groups involved in the governance of CHRISP.

The CHRISP Executive Steering Committee is a joint UOW and ISLHD group which oversees the CHRISP research team and the IHIP project. 

The CHRISP Executive Steering Committee is responsible for the strategic and executive management of the IHIP, including all governance issues. The committee members are:

  • Chief Executive ISLHD (Chair): Ms Margot Mains
  • Director AHSRI, UOW: Professor Kathy Eagar
  • Executive Director, Integrated Care, Mental Health, Planning, Information & Performance, ISLHD: Ms Caroline Langston
  • Deputy Director AHSRI, UOW: Associate Professor Rob Gordon
  • Clinical Director, Health & Medical Research, ISLHD: Professor Leonard Arnolda
  • Dean of Medicine, UOW: Professor Paul De Souza

The CHRISP Consultative Panel is an advisory panel responsible for providing project-specific expert advice on an as-needs basis, in three main areas: clinical issues and research priorities; data / information; and community perspectives. The Consultative Panel reports to the CHRISP Executive Steering Committee.

The Consultative Panel membership is the CHRISP Director (chair / convenor), ISLHD Manager, Planning & Commissioning Unit, ISLHD Stream Leader, Ambulatory & Primary Health Care Division, ISLHD Public Health Epidemiologist, CHRISP Clinical Epidemiologist, ISLHD Manager Information Management Unit, ISLHD Manager, Performance Unit, CHRISP Statistician, CHRISP Integration & Development Coordinator, and ISLHD Community Participation Council members.

Other officers may attend these meetings as required.

Last reviewed: 5 July, 2019