Current Projects

Current projects

‘Trend analysis of frequent attenders at Illawarra Shoalhaven Emergency Departments’

Research Team: L Lago (CHRISP), T Carrigan (ISLHD), V Westley-Wise (CHRISP-ISLHD), J Mullan (CHRISP), K Lambert (CHRISP-UOW), F Facci (ISLHD), R Zingel (ISLHD), K Eagar (AHSRI)
Aim: Describe trends in ED attendances among frequent attenders at ISLHD EDs over the last 15 years, and determine whether the patient profile of frequent ED attenders has changed over the last 15 years, e.g. which discrete patient cohorts are increasing.

‘Trends and patterns in unplanned readmissions to Illawarra Shoalhaven hospitals’

Research Team: V Westley-Wise (CHRISP-ISLHD), J Potter (ISLHD), W Yeo (ISLHD), L Lago (CHRISP), R Zingel (ISLHD), F Facci (ISLHD), J Mullan (CHRISP), K Eagar (AHSRI)
Aim: This project involved analysis of 15 years of ISLHD data to describe trends and patterns in readmissions, with a focus on potentially avoidable hospitalisations.

‘Assessing end-of-life patterns and quality of care’

Research Team: K Eagar (AHSRI), V Westley-Wise (CHRISP-ISLHD), G Barclay (ISLHD), Z Nangati (ISLHD), K Cope (ISLHD), J Davis (ISLHD), S Moules (CHRISP), E Davis (CHRISP)
Aim: This project leverages information from multiple routinely collected datasets to assess the need for, access to/ utilisation and quality of palliative and end-of-life care among Illawarra Shoalhaven residents, to inform the planning and delivery of related ISLHD services/ interventions.

‘Assessment of the uptake of maternal and child health services following comprehensive primary care assessment (SAFE START model): a pilot study’

Research Team: J Claridge (ISLHD), V Westley-Wise (CHRISP-ISLHD), B Suesse (CHRISP), C Frohmuller (ISLHD), B Atkins (ISLHD), A King (ISLHD), J Budd (ISLHD)
Aim: The aim is to evaluate implementation of the NSW Maternal & Child Health Primary Health Care Policy and SAFE START model, in terms of referral and uptake rates of women giving birth in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven who have identified risk factors/ vulnerabilities, and identification of related service gaps.

‘Atherosclerosis Secondary Prevention Study’

Research Team: L Arnolda (ISLHD), L Lago (CHRISP), J Cuenca (ISLHD)
Aim: To characterise this group & in particular to identify if second CV events can be attributed to failure to implement proven strategies for preventing cardiovascular disease or if they occur despite implementation of secondary prevention measures

‘Health Care Use among Patients with Mental Disorders in the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District’

Research Team: N Pai (ISLHD), V Westley-Wise (CHRISP-ISLHD), B Suesse (CHRISP), J Cuenca (ISLHD), L Lago (CHRISP)
Aim: The aim of this study is to identify factors (e.g. sociodemographic, service, diagnostic) associated with increased, and persistently increased, health care use among patients with mental disorders.

‘Antimicrobial Resistance Global Challenges: the evolving threat and impact to the Illawarra Shoalhaven population’

Research Team: S Miyakis (ISLHD), A van Oijen (UOW), M Byrne (UOW), J Fish (ISLHD), J Mullan (CHRISP), B McAlister (ISLHD-CHRISP), P Newton (ISLHD), S Crawford (ISLHD), S Miellet (UOW)
Aim: Pilot project 1. Descriptive population level study.
- To examine the relationship between antimicrobial resistance, patient healthcare service utilisation and clinical outcomes. It is hypothesized that antimicrobial resistance is associated with higher utilization of health care resources and with poorer outcomes.

‘Hospital outcomes in current smokers with presentations of adult community-acquired pneumonia’

Research Team: M Rennie (ISLHD), V Abraham (ISLHD), K Lambert (CHRISP-UOW)
Aim: To investigate if current smoking status is associated with adverse hospitalisation outcomes (e.g. length of stay, admission severity, need for and duration of ICU admission, and mortality) in people admitted with community acquired pneumonia (CAP).

‘How many triage category 3-4 patients admitted to an acute ward via ISLHD ED in 2016-17, could have avoided admission through use of additional Allied Health services in the ED and at home?’

Research Team: K Anderson (ISLHD), P Brown (ISLHD), S Fitzpatrick (ISLHD), A Smith (ISLHD), P Orr (ISLHD)
Aim: 1) To determine the extent to which triage category 3-4 patients admitted to an acute ward via ISLHD ED in 2016-17, could have avoided admission through use of additional Allied Health services in the ED and at home?
2) Of those patients admitted, what was their length of stay, readmission rate (over the next 6 months), and what was the frequency of Allied Health intervention.

‘The Health Impacts Research Cluster – Chronic Kidney Disease Study (HIRC-CKD)’

Research Team: H Hassan (ISLHD), K Lambert (CHRISP-UOW), J Mullan (CHRISP), T Suesse (UOW), K Murali (ISLHD), A Lee (ISLHD)
Aim: The aim of this project is to explore factors that may be associated with development, progression and hospitalisation of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in ISLHD residents.

‘A retrospective comparison of service utilisation experience of mental health consumers’

Research Team: L Moxham (UOW), C Patterson (UOW), D Perlman (UOW), E Taylor (UOW), R Brighton (UOW), L Molly (UOW), N Cutler (UOW), B Hayes (ISLHD), E Barry (ISLHD), B McAlister (ISLHD-CHRISP)
Aim: The aim of the project is to examine for possible effect of a Therapeutic Recreation (TR) intervention on people’s engagement with local health services for mental illness.

‘Evaluation of a Suicide Prevention Aftercare Service’

Research Team: V Bliokas (UOW), J Carter (ISLHD), R Sng (Grand Pacific Health), A Hains (ISLHD), F Deane (UOW), B Grenyer (UOW), L Lago (CHRISP)
Aim: This project will evaluate the outcomes of the new community-based suicide prevention service.
A joint initiative of ISLHD, COORDINARE, UOW, Beyond Blue and Grand Pacific Health

‘Cannabis-related hyperemesis during pregnancy: A scoping study’

Research Team: S Sneddon (ISLHD), D Reid (ISLHD), J Pados (ISLHD), D Brown (ISLHD)
Aim: To identify the number of pregnant women who present to ISLHD Emergency departments due to nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. To establish whether those pregnant women who present to the Emergency Department have disclosed cannabis use at the obstetric booking history and whether they have had contact with SUPPS service.

‘The development of an alcohol management pathway utilising the existing Electronic Medical Records (eMR) to effectively manage patients with alcohol problems and improve the referral to specialist Drug and Alcohol Service’

Research Team: P Yu (UOW), W Yeo (ISLHD), D Reid (ISLHD), X Feng (UOW), B Sinclair (ISLHD), S Bresnahan (ISLHD), P Lynch (ISLHD), M Irani (ISLHD), S Qian (UOW)
Aim: 1) What is the current journey of the patients with alcohol-related morbidity in ISLHD?
2) Will the inclusion of this evidence-based alcohol pathway into the eMR system effectively improve the referral of patients from ED and inpatient wards to the specialist D&A Service and reduce patient readmission to the ED and wards?

‘Increasing the capacity of a Local Health District to respond to methamphetamine-related harm: Developing an integrated model of care informed by linked data, and consumer and clinician views’

Research Team: B Larance (UOW), S Adams (ISLHD), D Reid (ISLHD), P Kelly (UOW), L Lago (CHRISP), J Lappin (UNSW), L Robinson (UOW)
Aim: The over-arching study aims are: 1) To understand the prevalence and pattern of help-seeking for methamphetamine-related problems in ISLHD hospital and ED settings; 2) To detail the proportion of individuals presenting to ISLHD hospital and ED settings with methamphetamine-related harms who a) are referred to AOD services, and b) who attend AOD services following referral from ED or inpatient hospital settings; 3) To understand the individual and clinical barriers to help-seeking and delivery of care for methamphetamine-related harms; 4) To develop a clinical framework for the future management of methamphetamine use in individuals who present to (non-AOD) ISLHD services.

PhD Projects:

‘Examining service utilisation and the impact of Dementia identification on patient outcomes: a longitudinal analysis of hospitalisation guided by a collaborative process to promote knowledge translation’
Research Team: K Cappetta (AHSRI), L Phillipson (AHSRI), L Lago (CHRISP), K Eagar (AHSRI), J Potter (ISLHD), M Coyle (ISLHD)

‘Comorbidity of serious mental illness and type 2 Diabetes - Do neighbourhoods matter?’
Research Team: R Walsan (UOW), A Bonney (UOW), N Pai (ISLHD), D Mayne (ISLHD), X Feng (UOW)

‘The relationship between cognitive function and treatment adherence in patients with chronic kidney disease-potential causes, impact on outcomes and trial of improvement strategies’
Research Team: K Murali (ISLHD), J Mullan (CHRISP), M Lonergan (ISLHD)

Masters Projects:

‘The prevalence of hospitalisations resulting from side effects associated with oral anticoagulants’
Research Team: K Watts (ISLHD), J Mullan (CHRISP), L Lago (CHRISP), M Jordan (ISLHD), L Villalba (ISLHD)

Last reviewed: 8 July, 2019