Completed Projects

Completed Projects

‘Subacute bed demand and supply in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven Local Health District’
Research Team: L Lago (CHRISP), G Murray (ISLHD), K Eagar (AHSRI), G Duck (ISLHD), N De Wit (ISLHD), V Westley-Wise (CHRISP-ISLHD), J Mullan (CHRISP)

‘Peritonitis as an independent risk factor for cardiovascular events in the peritoneal dialysis population’
Research Team: H Hassan (ISLHD), K Lambert (CHRISP-UOW), J Mullan (CHRISP), M Lonergan (ISLHD)

‘The role of private health insurance in supporting the care needs of people with chronic illness’ (PhD Project)
Research Team: J Khoo (AHSRI), K Eagar (AHSRI), H Hasan (AHSRI)

‘Quick Sepsis related organ failure assessment compared to systemic inflammatory response syndrome for the recognition of Sepsis in the ED ’ (Medical Student Project)
Research Team: A Pearce (ISLHD-UOW), J Mullan (CHRISP), L Lago (CHRISP), W Triner (ISLHD)

‘ED presentations & admissions to Wollongong Hospital (between 2011-2016) due to medication misadventures in people living with & without dementia’ (Masters Project)
Research Team:
L Mohanan (UOW), J Mullan (CHRISP), J Potter (ISLHD), L Lago (CHRISP), M Jordan (ISLHD), P Burns (UOW)

'An evaluation of a strategy designed to increase awareness about High Risk Medicines & its impact: on knowledge; awareness among healthcare providers; & on reported outcomes’
Research Team:
M Jordan (ISLHD), S Bond (ISLHD), K Watts (ISLHD), J Mullan (CHRISP)

‘The cost of BMI on procedural time - A quality improvement study assessing the impact of BMI on procedural times & relative cost in select non-urgent surgical procedures over a 12 month period’
Research Team:
L Freckelton (ISLHD), N Smith (ISLHD), K Lambert (CHRISP-UOW), V Westley-Wise (CHRISP-ISLHD), L Lago (CHRISP), J Mullan (CHRISP)

‘Supplementary Evaluation of the Acute Rehabilitation Team (ART) Intervention’
Research Team:
A Shahzad (ISLHD), L Lago (CHRISP), G Murray (ISLHD), N Evry (ISLHD), J Mullan (CHRISP), J Potter (ISLHD), I Davidson (ISLHD)

‘Renal Resistance index in assessment of risk and progression of chronic kidney disease’
Research Team:
S Davis (ISLHD), K Murali (ISLHD), D Huber (ISLHD), K Lambert (CHRISP-UOW)

‘Exploring adverse medication events resulting in presentations and/or admissions to ISLHD facilities over the last 10 years’ (Public Health Student Project)
Research Team:
K Watts (UOW), S Davies (UOW), J Mullan (CHRISP), P Burns (CHRISP), M Lonergan (ISLHD)

‘Investigating the possible link between Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAID) misadventures & Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) development’ (Honours Project)
Research Team:
A Mooyman (UOW), J Mullan (CHRISP), K Lambert (CHRISP-UOW), P Burns (UOW), L Lago (CHRISP), M Lonergan (ISLHD)

‘Healthcare interpreter utilisation: implications for clinical outcomes and costs’ (Masters Project)
Research Team:
D Morris (AHSRI), L Vellar (ISLHD), F Mastroianni (ISLHD), J Krizanac (ISLHD), K Lambert (CHRISP-UOW), L Lago (CHRISP), J Mullan (CHRISP)


Last reviewed: 8 July, 2019