How to apply for data

How to apply for data

To apply for data from IHIP, you need to complete the CHRISP Research Plan and Data Application Form. This form asks you for details of your research project, including your research team, research plan and dissemination plan, how you will manage and analyse the data you receive from IHIP, and most importantly – what IHIP data you require, by completing the appropriate Data Variable forms.

You are welcome to contact the CHRISP team at any time if you want more information about the data held by IHIP, how we can link additional data, the IHIP Online Forms, or you have any questions when completing the application form. In fact, we encourage you to give us a call or send us an email before you begin to complete the application.

To learn about the data held by IHIP, please refer to IHIP data.

If you wish to use data not already held by IHIP – whether it be from ISLHD, a third party data supplier, your own previously collected research data or data you intend to collect as part of the research – CHRISP can still help. The application form includes a section where you can provide details of new datasets. Bear in mind that linkage and use of data not already held by IHIP will always require an ethics application.

If you wish to collect and link additional data in your research project, you can apply to use the IHIP Online Forms. This is a secure online data entry tool where data can be entered by members of your research team, or by research participants using an online survey.

After you have completed the application, you should email it to us at We will acknowledge your application within three working days, and you may also be contacted for clarification and/or to provide feedback or recommendations for amendment of your application.

Your project will then be reviewed by CHRISP for appropriateness and feasibility, and to give you advice as to whether or not ethical review is required for your project.

If your project requires ethical approval, the ethics application is your responsibility, however the CHRISP team is able to provide advice regarding ethics applications. IHIP uses an ethically approved data linkage protocol, which means that you as a researcher will not have to handle identifiable data in most cases.

If your project involves linkage of data not already held in IHIP, you will need to obtain Data Custodian approval.

The CHRISP Executive Steering Committee, (or the ISLHD Research Governance Board) will review your project. Once your project is approved, and you have provided the CHRISP team with copies of ethics and Data Custodian approvals, we will send you an IHIP Data User Agreement which includes details of the data we will provide, the conditions of use of the data and a Confidentiality Undertaking. After we have received this agreement, signed by all members of your research team who will access the data, we can begin working on your project.

Last reviewed: 20 February, 2018