CASiH Staff

CASiH Staff

The Centre for Applied Statistics in Health (CASiH) team in 2018 are:


Janette Green, Principal Research Fellow (Applied Statistics) (email)

Janette’s full-time position provides expert statistical skills on projects, primarily in classification development, benchmarking and outcome measurement. She has applied her statistical skills to a wide range of areas in the health sector, including rehabilitation, mental health and palliative care. In addition, she teaches locally and internationally and presents at workshops for health professionals on the use and interpretation of statistics. Since 2011 she has been an elected representative of the Asia-Oceania region on the Executive Committee of Patient Classification Systems International (PCSI).

Tara Alexander, Research Fellow (Applied Statistics) (Email)

Tara is a full-time member of AHSRI, joining in 2002 after working at the Australian Insitute of health and Welfare. As the AROC Data Manager she is responsible for data management, benchmarking and reporting components of AROC. Tara brings extensive statistical and database management skills to AHSRI. She is mostly involved in AROC projects and some CHSD projects, ranging from rehabilitation specific patient experience surveys, to community health and community care surveys, to building databases to assist various evaluation projects. Tara has experience in data linkage of de-identified data sets and has provided the statistical work for building a number of priority rating tools for the community care side of the Institute's work.

Sonia Bird, Research Fellow (Applied Statistics) (email)

Sonia joined the AHSRI in 2007 after working at the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Sonia supports research projects requiring data management and statistical analysis and is primarily involved in the Palliative Care Outcomes Collaboration. She has extensive experience and skills in managing large complex datasets, SAS programming, reporting and evaluation. Sonia has tertiary qualifications in Mathematics and Applied Statistics. She also has a Masters by Research and a Graduate Certificate in Health Services Research and Development.

Megan Blanchard, Research Fellow (Applied Statistics) (email)

Megan Blanchard is a Research Fellow (Applied Statistics) who joined AHSRI in 2010 after working at the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Since joining AHSRI, Megan has been part of the core team working on the development of classifications such as the Australian Refined Diagnosis Related Group (AR-DRG) classification v7.0 and Australian National Subacute and Non-Acute Patient (AN-SNAP) classification v4.0.

Megan also has experience in health outcome measurement – she is the statistician for the electronic Persistent Pain Outcomes Collaboration (ePPOC) and has been involved with the design and implementation of the dataset, the data collection methodology and reports for participating facilities.

Conrad Kobel, Research Fellow (Applied Statistics) (email)

Dr Conrad Kobel primarily contributes to the ongoing research and development of casemix systems in Australia, feeding into the national activity based funding program. Furthermore, he has provided statistical and technical expertise in a number of projects investigating and improving costing methodologies, funding model design and strategic management of health services.

Before joining AHSRI in 2013 he worked as a research fellow at Innsbruck Medical University in Innsbruck, Austria for almost five years. There, he was a key researcher in the EuroDRG project, which compared multiple aspects of several European Diagnosis-Related Group systems. Within the project, Conrad primarily contributed to the methodological framework of the empirical analyses. In addition, he supported clinical research with statistical analyses and taught applied statistics to medical students.

With his international experience, he strengthens and broadens the capacity of the quantitative analysis team at AHSRI. Conrad has international collaborations with Canada and Europe and is a faculty member of an annual short course that provides comprehensive skills on the design, implementation and evaluation of casemix-based funding models run by the Patient Casemix Systems International (PCSI).

Conrad has studied mathematics and financial mathematics in Germany and Sweden and has completed the Doctoral Program in Social and Economic Sciences (main focus on health economics) at Innsbruck University in Austria.

Sam Allingham, Research Fellow (Applied Statistics) (email)

Sam Allingham is a Research Fellow in applied statistics at the Australian Health Services Research Institute. He received his BMath (Hons) from the University of Wollongong. Sam worked at the Australian Bureau of Statistics before he joined AHSRI in 2009.

He is responsible for the statistical, data management and benchmarking and reporting components of the national Palliative Care Outcomes Collaboration (PCOC). In addition to PCOC, Sam also works on other AHSRI projects - most recently on the development of version 7.0 of the Australian Refined Diagnosis Related Groups (AR-DRG) classification.

Milena Snoek, Research Fellow (Applied Statistics) (email)

Milena joined the AHSRI team as a Research Fellow in 2012. She has postgraduate qualifications in Statistics and Health Services Research and Development and a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Sciences (Honours I). In addition to her experience in the health services sector, Milena has over ten years of industry experience in the higher education and telecommunications sectors, with a focus on data management, modelling and analysis.

Patrick Steele, Associate Research Fellow (Applied Statistics) (email)

Pat works at AHSRI as part of the CASiH team, and he brings an IT perspective to the team.

Alanna Connolly, Associate Research Fellow (Applied Statistics) (email)

Alanna Connolly joined AHSRI in July 2013 after working at BlueScope Steel for a number of years. She has tertiary qualifications in Engineering and Applied Statistics. Alanna is currently working on PCOC. 

Last reviewed: 2 January, 2018


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