How to use the FIM/WeeFIM Instrument

 How to use the FIM™ instrument

The first step is to be trained in the use of the FIM™ or WeeFIM® instrument. AROC provides a number of workshops each year that you can attend. Alternatively, if a number of people in your organisation require training, AROC can provide a trainer to teach a workshop at your venue.

Organisations that require frequent training often have one of their staff accredited as a facility trainer.

Once you have received training you then need to become credentialed, which means sitting and passing an exam. Credentialing lasts two years after which time you need to resit a  FIM/WeeFIM exam.  Once every 4 years you should undertake refresher training either at a face to face workshop or by accessing the online refresher course, and then resit the exam to maintain your credentialing.

Are there any eligibility criteria for training?

AROC’s policy is that training is available to Registered Nurses (RN), Enrolled Nurses (EN,) Doctors, Registrars and Allied Health staff with an appropriate tertiary clinical qualification.  Assistants in nursing (AIN) and allied health assistants are welcome to attend training sessions to increase their knowledge and understanding of the FIM, and so they can contribute to FIM scoring in a clinical setting, but they are not eligible or required to become credentialed.

* FIM™ and WeeFIM® are trademarks of the Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation, a division of UB Foundation Activities, Inc.

Last reviewed: 8 December, 2014

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