Training and Credentialing for FIM / WeeFIM

Training and credentialing for the FIM™ / WeeFIM® instrument


The first step is to be trained in the use of the FIM™ or WeeFIM® instrument. AROC provides a number of workshops each year that you can attend. Alternatively, if a number of people in your organisation require training, AROC can provide a trainer to teach a workshop at your venue.

Organisations that require frequent training often have one of their staff accredited as a facility trainer.

Once you have received training you then need to become credentialed, which means sitting and passing an exam. Credentialing lasts two years after which time you need to resit a FIM/WeeFIM exam. Once every four years you should undertake refresher training either at a face to face workshop or by accessing the online refresher course, and then resit the exam to maintain your credentialing. 


To become credentialed you must complete and pass a credentialing exam. It is strongly recommended that candidates are competent in FIM™ or WeeFIM® scoring before attempting the examination. To this end they will need to attend a FIM clinician workshop. Once completed you will be allocated a FIM ID which is needed to access FIM products, including examinations. Examinations are available from AROC; there is a $38 + GST fee associated with the exam.

Are there any eligibility criteria for training?

AROC's policy is that training is available to Registered Nurses (RN), Enrolled Nurses (EN), Doctors, Registrars and Allied Health staff with an appropriate tertiary clinical qualification.  Assistants in nursing (AIN) and allied health assistants are welcome to attend training sessions to increase their knowledge and understanding of the FIM, and so they can contribute to FIM scoring in a clinical setting, but they are not eligible or required to become credentialed.  

A pass mark of 80% is required for credentialed status to be achieved. On attaining credentialing status you will be issued with a credentialing certificate. Credentialed status lasts for two years, after which candidates must sit a recredentialing exam if they wish to remain credentialed.

If you would like to complete the exam to become credentialed, or to be re-credentialed, please contact AROC.

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Workshops offered


Training to perform the Adult FIM™ or WeeFIM® Assessment

New users of the FIM™ or WeeFIM® instrument are required to attend a training workshop prior to attempting a credentialing exam. It is recommended that previously credentialed users attend a refresher training workshop, either at a face to face workshop or by accessing the FIM/WeeFIM Online Refresher Workshop course, prior to re-credentialing at least once every four years. Workshops provide education in how to score the instrument.  The tool has been designed to be administered quickly and uniformly and has proved to be a valid and reliable measure. The FIM™ instrument assesses self-care, sphincter control, transfers, locomotion, communication and social cognition on a seven-level scale. After training, to become credentialed participants are required to sit a credentialing examination. If they pass they will receive a credentialing certificate.


The Facility Trainers workshop is designed to train participants how to teach staff at their facility how to use the FIM™ or WeeFIM® instrument. In order to attend the Facility Trainers workshop a candidate must have satisfied all pre-requisites.

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 How to attend a workshop

FIM™ and WeeFIM® workshops are advertised on the upcoming workshops page. Once you have completed the registration form fax or mail it to AROC. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your registration form. Please note, workshops may be cancelled if insufficient registrations are received. Confirmation of of your place at the workshop will be sent to you via email.

If there are a significant number of staff needing to be trained from a particular rehabilitation facility, that facility may wish to run its own workshop using an AROC Master Trainer (refer to How to organise a workshop below).

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 AROC Master Trainer FIM™ workshop at your site

If a facility wishes to have a workshop conducted by an AROC Master Trainer (on site) the first step is to complete a workshop request form. Completed forms should be sent to AROC, who can be contacted by email or telephone (02 4221 4411) if you have further queries. Facilities wishing to run on site training should provide proposed dates for the workshop and the number of people that will be in attendance (class sizes range from 2 to 20 participants). The cost of running a training workshop is:

  • A standard weekday fee of $1500 + GST (for members of AROC)
  • A standard weekday fee of $3000 + GST (for non-members of AROC)
  • A standard weekend fee of $2100 + GST (for members of AROC)
  • A standard weekend fee of $3400 + GST (for non-members of AROC)
  • Travel costs, travel time and accommodation costs of the Master trainer
  • Exams are $38 + GST and will be invoiced to your facility at the time of supply
  • Manuals are $30 + GST and will be invoiced to your facility at the time of supply

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 Trainer levels

There are two trainer levels - Facility Trainers and Master Trainers.

 Facility Trainers

Facility trainers train staff within their facility only, as part of their job description, in their normal paid time (i.e. not as an independent contractor). Facility Trainers cannot train staff from other facilities even if they are part of the same health service.

To become a facility trainer in the first place

  • Trained in FIM™ or WeeFIM® scoring by an AROC Master Trainer within the last 12 months
  • Achieve 85+% on first attempt in most recent credentialing exam
  • Have current credentialing status
  • Be prepared to actively participate in the workshop, including presenting part of the workshop to other participants
  • Have 3+ years experience in using the FIM/WeeFIM tool as a credentialed FIM clinician, inclusive of the last 12 months (for currency of practice)
  • Have expertise and/or relevant experience in training
  • Supported by their employer to attend a Facility Trainer workshop
    • Employer aware that training as a Facility Trainer equips them to present training workshops to internal staff regularly. Employer prepared to provide opportunities for the trainer to train
    • Expected to undertake training on their return within a three month timeframe
  • At AROC's discretion there may be a requirement for the first post training workshop to be co-trained with and evaluated by a master trainer prior to Facility Trainer status being awarded

Ongoing Requirements

Every two years, at recredentialing Facility Trainers are to submit an ongoing requirements form documenting how they have met the following criteria:

  • Have trained at least one workshop per year
  • Have attended a refresher Facility Trainer workshop run by an AROC Master Trainer at least every four years
  • Pass the exam at 85+% on your first attempt every two years
  • Submit to AROC the Workshop Evaluation forms completed by participants after each workshop (as per the Facility Trainer User Manual)

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 Master Trainers

There are a limited number of Master Trainer positions. If a vacancy arises, AROC seeks expressions of interest from suitably qualified people to fill the vacancy. Master trainers are contracted to AROC and train outside their facility for payment, but within their facility in their normal paid time (ie not as an independent contractor). Master trainers train in all facilities (public and private) and they conduct both the workshops for clinicians and the Facility trainer workshops.

Master trainers have in-depth experience with the FIM™ instrument and with training others how to administer it.

To become a master trainer in the first place

  • Invited by AROC to become a Master Trainer
  • Trained in FIM™ or WeeFIM® scoring by an AROC Master Trainer
  • Achieve 90+% in most recent credentialing exam
  • Satisfactory completion of the Facility Trainer workshop
  • Current credentialing status
  • At least five years experience using the FIM™ instrument
  • At least three years as a Facility Trainer and/or evidence of training expertise and experience
  • Positive review by a current Master Trainer against a set of standard competencies:
    • Knowledge of subject matter
    • Delivery of subject matter
    • Ability to handle questions
    • Active engagement of audience
    • Effective listening skills
    • Confidence in presenting
    • Ability to adapt presentation style to audience
    • Use of teaching strategies to facilitate discussion and learning
    • Contributes to a supportive, interactive learning environment

Ongoing Requirements

Every two years, at recredentialing Master Trainers are to submit a form documenting how they have met the following criteria:

  • Have trained at least four workshops during the two year period
  • Detail measures taken to maintain clinical currency
  • Have satisfied a peer evaluation

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FIM™ and WeeFIM® are trademarks of the Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation, a division of UB Foundation Activities, Inc.

Last reviewed: 8 August, 2018

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