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FIM / WeeFIM Training Manual: Adult FIM Assessment / Paediatric WeeFIM Assessment

Each candidate should have access to a training manual when participating in a training session or undertaking the exam. The exams are open book examinations. Manuals are purchased with registration to a FIM or WeeFIM workshop. They can also be purchased separately. The current FIM manual is Version 5.4 (revised July 2017), while the current WeeFIM manual is Version 6.0. Manuals can be purchased from the Online Store, after logging in, at a cost of $33.00*. There is a freight charge.

FIM / WeeFIM Lanyard Cards

As part of registration for a FIM or WeeFIM Open workshop, clinicians are provided with a lanyard card. They are a reference card that can be used quickly by clinicians to prompt them in scoring FIM or WeeFIM. These can also be purchased in packs of 10 for use at your facility. Lanyard cards can be purchased from the Online Store, after logging in, at a cost of $11.00* for a pack of 10 cards. There is a freight charge.

FIM / WeeFIM Online Refresher

The Online Refresher is inclusive of an e-learning module and the examination. The module is designed to help REFRESH your understanding of the 18 items and should be completed using your Manual. It is assumed you already have significant knowledge of how to use the assessment tool theoretically and practically. The e-learning module should take approximately 60 minutes; the exam should take approximately 30-45 minutes. The Online Refresher can be purchased from the Online Store, after logging in, for $82.50*.

FIM / WeeFIM Exam

Exams must be completed every two years to maintain credentialing. Exams are used to help assess a clinician's understanding and correct use of the FIM / WeeFIM scoring principles. They are not meant to be easy. Exams can be purchased from the Online Store, after logging in, for $41.80* each.

Facility Trainer Manual: FIM Workshop Manual

This manual provides information and tips for Facility Trainers conducting FIM training sessions. These manuals are purchased as part of the resource package when attending a Facility Trainer workshop. 

Presentation slides

FIM workshop training presentations are provided on CD-ROM to all individuals who successfully become Facility Trainers. Included on this CD-ROM are a number of different resources including practice case studies with their answers for Facility Trainers. These should be used when Trainers conduct their own workshops.

Practice case studies

Practice case studies are an excellent resource for FIM clinicians to review the use of FIM in clinical situations. Contact AROC for further information.

FIM exercise sheets

AROC provides you FIM exercise sheets to give clinicians a better understanding of the FIM tool through practise.  

Facility Trainers, please email should you require a copy of the exercise sheets with answers. 

Workshop evaluation forms

Workshop evaluation forms are located in the last section of the FIM Facility Trainer Manual. Evaluation forms provide feedback to the trainer after they have conducted a workshop. An evaluation form should be completed by each participant at the end of a workshop. Completed evaluation forms are sent by the Facility Trainer to AROC. Trainers receive a report summarising their evaluation forms. 

FIM Facility Trainers Newsletters


*All prices are in AUD ($) and GST inclusive.

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Last reviewed: 17 December, 2018

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