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Frequently Asked Administrative Questions

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 Who is eligible to do the exam?
The FIM / WeeFIM tool is non-discipline specific therefore anyone who has tertiary level clinical training (medicine, nursing, allied health) can become credentialed. Refer to the Training and Credentialing page for more details.


 How do I obtain exams and/or other resources?
Information on obtaining exams is available on the Training and Credentialing page. Information on other resources is available on the Resources page.


 How do I obtain training?
There are a few different ways to obtain training. Further information can be found on the Training and Credentialing page. In summary:

  • AROC conducts workshops that are open to anyone interested in being trained, as long as they are clinically trained (medical, nursing, allied health). Workshops are conducted at least once a year in major centres around Australia and New Zealand.
  • If there are a significant number of people who require training from your rehab facility, your facility may wish to invite an AROC Master Trainer to come to your site to conduct a workshop.
  • If there is a Facility Trainer at your facility, you may request training from them. AROC supports Facility Trainers to organise workshops by sending resources and exams when purchased.

 What happens if I fail the exam?
Your exam key provides for three chances to pass the exam before it expires. Note, if you are a new user of the FIM or WeeFIM instrument you are required to attend a training workshop before attempting the exam. It is also wise to study the manual before attempting the exam. Remember, it is an open book exam, so you should have your manual with you when you attempt it. AROC (or your Facility Trainer) can also provide you with some case studies to practise before you attempt the exam.


 How long should I expect to wait for my exam result and certificate?
You will receive your results immediately once you submit the exam. Results are sent via email. If you pass, your certificate will be available for you to download immediately. You can download your certificate as per below:
After logging into AOS with your FIM ID, under the FIM menu enter into My Exam Keys

  1. Under “My Completed keys”, click GO TO CERTIFICATE for the Certificate date you require
  2.  Click MY ACTIVITIES then click FIM Qualification
  3. Scroll down to FIM Certificate and click on “FIM Certificate Complete”
  4. Select “Get your certificate”

 Who should I contact if I have a clinical question regarding the FIM™instrument?


 How much does it cost me to purchase an examination?
Examinations are charged at a fee of $38.00 + GST. All resources and their costs are listed on the Resources page.


 How do I become a Facility Trainer?
Details of how to become a Facility Trainer can be found on the Training and Credentialing page.


 How often is a credentialed clinician required to re-credential?
A credentialed clinician is required to re-credential every two years. If your accreditation expires, re-credentialing is dependent on when you last attended a FIM workshop. If you have attended a workshop within the past 4 years and your accreditation has expired:

  • Less than 1 year (or about to expire) – successfully complete an examination to re-credential
  • More than 1 year and Less than 2 years - complete the Online Refresher with examination
  • Longer than 2 years - attend a face to face FIM workshop and complete the examination

If you have not attended a workshop within the past 4 years – you will need to do so to re-credential.


 How can I check my credentialing?
The date when your credentialing expires is shown on your credentialing certificate. Alternatively, after logging into AOS with your FIM ID, click My Details to view your accreditation.



* FIM and WeeFIM are trademarks of the Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation, a division of UB Foundation Activities, Inc.

Last reviewed: 18 September, 2018

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