Frequently Asked Admin Questions

 Frequently Asked Administrative Questions

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Administrative answers

 Who is eligible to do the exam?
The tool is non-discipline specific therefore anyone who has clinical training (medicine, nursing, allied health) can become credentialed.


 How do I obtain exams and/or other resources?
Information on obtaining exams is available on the Credentialing/Training page. Information on other resources is available on the Resources page.


 How do I obtain training?
There are a few different ways to obtain training. Further information can be found on the Training page.

  • If there are a significant number of people who require training from your rehab facility, your facility may wish to run its own workshop conducted by a Master Trainer.
  • AROC conducts workshops that are open to anyone interested in being trained, as long as they are clinically trained (medical, nursing, allied health). Workshops are run at least once a year in major centres around Australia.
  • If there is a Facility Trainer at your facility you may request training from them. AROC plays no part in this training, except to send resources and exams when needed.

 What happens if I fail the exam?
Your exam key provides for three chances to pass the exam before it expires.   Note, if you are a new user of the FIM™ or WeeFIM® instrument you are required to attend a training workshop before attempting the exam. It is also wise to study the manual before attempting the exam.


 How long should I expect to wait for my exam result and certificate?
You will receive your results immediately, and if you pass your certificate is also available to download immediately.


 Who should I contact if I have a clinical question regarding the FIM™instrument?


 How much does it cost me to complete the examination?
Examinations are charged at a fee of $38.00 + GST.


 How do I become a Facility Trainer?
Details of how to become a Facility Trainer can be found on the Training page.


 How often is a credentialed scorer required to recredential?
A credentialed scorer is required to recredential every two years. The date when your credentialing expires is shown on your credentialing certificate. Additionally, facilities can access a credential report on demand.  This report highlights the credentialing status of all staff.

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Last reviewed: 11 August, 2017

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