Community FIM/WeeFIM

Community FIM/WeeFIM

The Community FIM/WeeFIM Assessor List is a listing of FIM/WeeFIM clinicians available to perform FIM or WeeFIM assessments in a community setting. Those on the list have signed the authorisation form allowing AROC to publicly show their details. This listing only provides the name, credentialing status, location and contact details of FIM and/or WeeFIM clinicians.

Inclusion of a clinician on this list indicates that they are credentialed in the FIM or WeeFIM only and does not indicate any endorsement or approval on behalf of AROC.

It is the responsibility of the FIM or WeeFIM clinician to ensure:

  • they remain credentialed in FIM and/or WeeFIM
  • their contact details remain updated in AROC Online Services AOS
  • they liaise directly with the requestor
  • they arrange their own logistics and invoicing

It is the responsibility of the person/organisation requesting the assessment to:

  • liaise directly with the FIM or WeeFIM clinician
  • verify professional registration requirements and other compliances with the clinician

Click on this link to view the COMMUNITY FIM/WeeFIM ASSESSOR LIST

For assessors (FIM/WeeFIM) clinicians:

To be added to this list, please complete and return the authorisation form to

Download the FIM in the Community Tip Sheet.

Last reviewed: 25 September, 2019

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